If you are here, you’re probably be looking for the Status Audio CB-1 Review. They are available on Amazon and you can easily buy them from there. So, let us talk about more on them and check out if they are the best headphones under $100.

Status Audio CB-1 Features

Status Audio CB-1 Review

  1. Status Audio CB-1 have 50 mm, drivers that deliver neutral and analytical sound signature
  2. They come with ear-pads that are Ergonomic usually used for long recording sessions
  3. It has a foldable design which helps in folding it in a compact design so that you can carry it easily.
  4. It comes with two detachable cables: one with straight and another one with coils. These headphones have a twist and lock function also that is very helpful in putting it at a place
  5. Noise Isolation is also present in these headphones.
  6. You can use it in a studio for mixing audio, live tracking and recording for vocals etc.
  7. Other than this outside the studio, you can use it for device playbacks, office use, mobile use.

Status Audio CB-1 Closed-Back Monitor Headphones Details

Model Number FBA_SACB1
Item Weight 8 ounces
Dimensions 10.9 x 8.9 x 4.1 inches
Where To Buy Buy Here

Status Audio CB-1 Review | Best Headphones Under $100?

Below is the full Status Audio CB-1 Review:

Design and Build

The design of Status Audio CB-1 is kind of a premium look I should say. They look very similar to those typical studios headphones which were used a few years back, I kind of myself very used to such product. They look very simple with no branding at all which is a good thing because I like clean products. You might have seen the Audio Technica headphones too right? They look somehow similar to those at some level but not exactly.

Status Audio CB-1 review

If we talk about the build of Status Audio CB-1, then it’s made of plastics and no metal at all. The band which goes at the top of the head is made up of plastic covered with leather. The earpads are also made of up leather and the sliding part are also made up of plastic. Even though plastic is not so bad but still you have to be careful and make sure they don’t drop easily.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of these headphones is neutral and gives you studio quality experience. If you are a kind of person who is looking for spending the least amount of money for nice audio quality headphones, then Status Audio CB-1 is for you.

Status Audio CB-1 Review

They have a nicely extended bass, not overly emphasized at all. Mids and highs are sharp and natural. If you are an audio editing person, you can be able to hear proper errors in the audio and fix them.

For gaming, these pair of headphones will make a good choice. There is enough bass to make gaming fun and professional work up to the mark. Also, these are not for those who listen to high-frequency music or a very powerful bass. I should say they are decent and value for money.

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Noise Isolation

Regarding noise isolation of Status Audio CB-1 headphone, they do their job in a very decent amount. Like if the music is not too high then you can hear your mother shouting at you for not coming to the dinner.

Comfort and Fit

Have you seen those headphones which are costlier than these pair of headphones and has those bigger earpad cushions? Well, Status Audio CB-1 comes with them.

Status Audio CB-1 Review

The comfort level of Status Audio CB-1 is nice and fitting is also good. They completely cover your earphones which also gives you a bit of noise cancellation. They have an ergonomic design which follows the curve of your ears as shown on their website but reality may be different.

Some people are claiming that they have the pair which does not have such design, in fact, they are a fully flat circular shape.

But the good part is even they may have such circular shape, they provide you the comfort level which you need. They will fit around your head with no issues.

For big head people, you guys may require to extend them fully. Even if you wear glasses though which I do myself, they will not create any sort of problem. In comfort, they can be counted as in the premium headphones which are already in the market.

Now, this was my Status Audio CB-1 review of under $100 headphones. Comment down and let me know what is yours. Also, if you want me to write more headphones or any review articles, comment down those too. Thanks!

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